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Mary Fran Bontempo Author Speaker Humorist

Mary Fran Bontempo Speaker, Author, Humorist

It was the perfect storm: Newspapers (and consequently, my jobs) were disappearing like dinosaurs, family issues were rearing their very ugly heads and I was fast closing in on that dreaded birthday that started with the number 5 and ended in 0. Life wasn’t much fun. I was feeling old, cranky and kind of useless. A giant, engulfing pair of Granny Panties was waiting to swallow me whole.

Which is exactly when I decided it wasn’t gonna happen. Time to fight fire with fire, so I created Not Ready For Granny Panties–the blog, the book and the lifestyle–where women in life’s middle ground can find some fun, engage in some communal kvetching, and, dare I say it, encounter a little inspiration to help avoid Granny Panties (especially the mental version–far more dangerous than those big, cotton bloomers).

I recruited some terrific and talented women (illustrator Pat Achilles and writer Chrysa Smith) to accompany me on this journey. And even though we’re ladies in the middle, we girls still want to have fun! So here at Not Ready For Granny Panties, we’ll laugh, explore life, food, fashion and keep you up to date on what’s going on in a simple, light-hearted way that will make you smile and keep you coming back for more. We’re not the changing diapers set and we’re past the soccer mom stage. We’ve reached the point where a good laugh, a good book, good food and, okay, a wrinkle cream that really works, can make our day. Sharing at a giggle with our friends, whether it’s over the latest antics of husbands and (semi) grown kids or an excursion to the mall to find a pair of jeans that actually fits, fuels our fire.

We love to read about what’s new in fashion and food trends, but we’ll pass on the story about temper tantrums, how to meet the perfect guy, tattoo regret or the fabulous weekend getaway that’s 2000 miles, a plane ticket and multiple body searches away. We’ll let you know what’s new, share our all-too-common gripes and groans and let you vent along with us. Plus, we’ll keep it simple, because navigating a web page with a hundred little blue links, dozens of places to click and way too much information gives us a headache. We want to enjoy the internet; we just don’t want to have to be medicated to do it.

So, here you’ll find real women discovering the fun in this middle ground, talking about trends, ideas and topics that appeal to US. We’ve got more time, new interests, a bit of wisdom to share and we’ve learned enough not to take ourselves too seriously. Welcome, enjoy and for heaven’s sake, get rid of those Granny Panties, have some fun and let’s make the most of the ride![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]