212, 2019

The 15 Minute Master–How to Make Everything Better 15 Minutes at a Time!

December 2nd, 2019|0 Comments

The 15 Minute Master                                        Order your copy today!

How do you cope when you wake up one day and learn that your son is a heroin addict? No one is immune to crisis, regardless of the details. Yet even without challenges, everyday life can push us to the edge. During my crisis, a simple, effective system evolved, one that worked for everything, and still does.

The 15 Minute Master is the story of my son’s struggle with addiction and the method that we used to navigate the crisis. We took life in 15 minute segments; that was all we could manage. And when we weren’t in a state of crisis, we used our 15 minutes to come up with one single action step that could move us forward and make things better.

When I shared my “survival plan” with others, I noticed their interest in the 15 minute concept. Eventually, I realized that we had been unconsciously practicing a method that worked not only in our crisis, but beyond. And it worked for others to.

Finally ready to revisit the story and its accompanying pain, I wrote The 15 Minute Master to share how the process worked for us. I know it will work for you, too.

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2910, 2018

Betrayed by the Bagless

October 29th, 2018|2 Comments

I should have known it wouldn’t last, and it serves me right.

After thirty-some years, it happened. I fell for a younger, newer model, casting aside the loyal, tried and true like a pile of used junk. The old relationship just wasn’t working for me anymore and instead of more of the same, I wanted out.

I admit now that it was superficial; I was taken in by looks, deceived by empty promises, with no regard for past loyalties. The way I discarded our pairing was simply shameful, and against the advice of my mother, in whom I had smugly confided my intentions.

And just where did it get me? It brought me to my knees, puzzling over what was wrong. What happened to those first sparks, the jolt of power I felt when we first began? I couldn’t imagine why or how I’d been deceived.

It’s time for the truth. I hate my bagless vacuum cleaner.

In my defense, it was nearly impossible not to be enticed. My old vacuum looked exactly like the one my mother still had from my childhood. Unimposing, utilitarian and worst of all, housing that maddening bag with the stupid cardboard piece you’re supposed to somehow jam onto an ill-fitting plastic port. Oh, to be free of that! How not to be swayed by commercials of the happy homemaker sweeping up the itty-bitty dust flakes from her floor and neatly and cleanly disposing of them by pushing a button on a canister and watching the tiny mess disappear into the trash can? It was a siren call, and I succumbed.

Except my house doesn’t contain itty-bitty dust flakes. My house contains the remains of whatever unknown volcano spews its filth all over my rugs while I’m asleep. At least, I’m guessing that’s […]

908, 2018

TEDx Lehigh University: Ending Our Addiction to Awesome

August 9th, 2018|0 Comments

Amazing. Incredible. Unbelievable. Awesome.

We use these words constantly, and most of the time, whatever we’re describing is most definitely not. Amazing, incredible, unbelievable or awesome, that is.

Our society suffers from an addiction to superlatives, which put immense pressure on all of us to think we have to be awesome at everything. All of the time. It’s not only impossible, it’s downright unhealthy, setting us up for failure at everything we simply aren’t good at, which, in my case, is a lot.

So, when I had an opportunity to speak at a TEDx event at Lehigh University, I thought the topic of ending our addiction to superlatives was appropriate for a university audience. What do you think?

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