directed by Martin Scorsessebased on the book THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET by Brian Selznikreviewed by Carmen Ferreiro-EstebanBecause my YA fantasy Two Moon Princess was published in 2007 the same year Brian Selznik’s THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET came out and the ALA (American Library Association) annual conference was in Philadelphia in January 2008, I was there when they announced THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET had won the Caldecott Award, the most prestigious [...]

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State of Play

 Reviewed by Carmen Ferreiro-EstebanState of Play is the best show I have seen on television this year. Originally aired in 2003 in Great Britain, it spawned a movie of the same title in 2009, that must have been pretty forgettable because I remember seeing it and nothing else about it.The BBC produced six-part series on the other hand calls for compulsive watching.Directed by David Yatesand written by Paul Abbott, State of Play follows [...]

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