Plant a Pretty Patch

By: Chrysa Smith Despite the runny nose and sneezing, this is my favorite time of year. Because now that the weather has improved I can spend time out in my yard planting and admiring my garden. Several years back, when the economy brought us some success, we turned our attention to our boring backyard. We hired a landscape designer to install a hot tub, deck and surrounding landscape that brought us some year-round [...]

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Gardening Made Easy–Michelle Obama Style!

    By: Mary Fran Bontempo To hear an audio version of this post, click the play arrow below. Note to self: The next time a plan involves words like shovel, dirt, rocks, digging, cuts, bruises, pain relievers and antibiotic ointment, get a new plan. No, I was not demolishing or building a house. Or a highway. And I wasn’t on a road crew as part of a criminal sentence, although at times [...]

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