Ring Those Bells, Baby!

by Chrysa Smith We try SO hard to be positive here. After all, it's our philosophy. Keep plugging. Don't give up.....yada, yada, yada. But there are those days that despite the best efforts, the upbeat mantras, the smoke and mirrors, we still can't get it together enough to feel great about ourselves. And in those cases, as a writer, I break out the words. Of course, there are quote books ad nauseum (and [...]

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Spreading the Love

by Chrysa SmithWhile some of us were lucky enough to get flowers or non-caloric chocolate on Valentine's Day, others were not so fortunate.To raise awareness of the epidemic violence against women, an event known as One Billion Rising was held on Valentine's Day. Women from somewhere around 200 nations got up, stood up and danced up a storm.Perhaps you know someone who has been a victim. If you haven't, you're lucky. According to stats from [...]

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A ‘General’ Rule of Thumb

by Chrysa SmithLove your wife. Stay faithful. Avoid temptation. That's good advice for any married man, I'd say.  I wouldn't want to be the wifely recipient of such 'good' news; ie, 'Your husband is having an affair, and by the way, it's a breach of national security and perhaps a crime!' Excuse me? Get me the sherry and possibly the Bible. Because I'd be splattered on the floor, and dialing my neighborhood shrink.Yet, [...]

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