by Chrysa Smith

When it came time to celebrate the first anniversary of our blog, naturally, we had to eat cake. Well, not exactly cake—cupcake. That self-contained miniature that isn’t quite as decadent as a slice of ooey, gooey birthday cake. Or is it?

If you ever watched Cupcake Wars, you know just how serious a contender the sweet, little muffin can be. Several years back, it became the trendy new dessert—more elegant, more decorated, more filling choices than those Duncan Hines varieties moms have been whipping up for decades.

Imagine that? Who ever dreamed that cupcakes would have their own shops, their own line of accessories (beautifully-designed cupcake liners, toppings and even tree-shaped holders for the table), their own tv show?

So naturally, Carmen, Pat, MaryFran and I headed up to the Lucky Cupcake Company in Plumstead, PA; just north of Doylestown, walked in the door and were captivated not only by the sweet pink, black and white decor, but the scents, sights and selection of beautifully detailed little edibles.
Enter Joanne Jarin. She’s the mastermind behind Lucky Cupcakes, and a one-time contender herself on Cupcake Wars. While she didn’t make it to the crazy finals, making thousands of cupcakes and coordinating displays to serve them up, Jarin has a sweet deal, nontheless. As someone who always loved to dabble in the kitchen, she claims she has a taste for combining flavors. After working for a gourmet shop in the area, she got the itch to open up her own shop–and hasn’t stopped baking since.
Using local, fresh ingredients, Jarin not only aims to delight, she aims to please. She will make any of her varieties for you in a cake form, gluten free, organic, vegan or for those on diabetic diets. While there are a dozen different flavors in the shop at any given time, special orders are always welcome.

Try a tiramisu, chocolate cheesecake, lemon marscapone, PB&J, gingersnap or egg nog. For those who just want the basics, you can get that too—-vanilla and chocolate in a melange of mixed-up medleys.

If you’re in the mood for a little sweet and in the area, check them out in the strip mall on Rt. 611 in Plumstead, just north of Stump Road.

If you’re in the mood for a little sweet and not in the area, check them out for some inspiration of your own at:

Cupcakes: They’re not just for kids anymore.