by Chrysa Smith

I’ve done Weight Watchers
I understand the calories in/calories burned concept.
But now, it’s a whole new game as calorie counts are added to restaurant menus. A game that could make restaurant dining a way to lose weight and for restaurants to lose high caloric business. Check this out:
My husband and I recently had lunch at Ted’s Montana Grill Next to the menu offerings were their calorie counts. Holy Cow! I wanted that burger and fries, but after working the numbers, if I faced reality, I wouldn’t be able to eat for at least another 18-24 hours. So, we both opted for better odds and split two appetizers instead.

Now, this could be great news for the general dining public. And Ted is a trooper to be among the first restaurant chains I’ve seen to make diners be honest with themselves. If you’re a thinking person, you will make smarter choices that your heart and hips will love. And I suppose, if you manage well, you could play with your meal choices, saving up the calories to blow on one big burger with onion rings. It turns everyone into a weight watcher, and that’s probably a good thing for self care. It might mean the reinvention of menu items however, because like a blood pressure reading or cholesterol count, having great big numbers is just not going to be a good thing long-term, because health, habit and calories all count.

Will you eat healthier? Will you eat every meal out, since calorie count will now be done for you? Finish your donut and let us know.

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