by Chrysa Smith

The hot water is running over my head and down my back.

I reach for the bottle of Proactive to cleanse my still too active face, following it with the Olay moisturizing body wash for the ‘neck down’, which is now too dry. The EverPure shampoo is for my color-treated hair and the Neutrogena exfoliator is for the now-exposed sandal feet.
Through it all, I’m thinking about what I will wear today. And here’s a snippet from the internal dialogue:

I know. I’ll wear those cute white capris with long, gray and white top. It’s summery, comfortable and covers the belly bulge (a targetted area for downsizing).

But wait! It’s still April. Can I dare wear white pants and sandals?

Hold on a minute! I just pulled it out of the laundry basket last night, which means I had already worn white in April.

My God! About 30 years ago, I would have never made this fashion faux-pas! What’s happened to me?

Well, the world of fashion has changed! Everything is more relaxed. White is no longer tied to a season on the calendar. And sandals? Well, it’s as warm as it would be in May, so what’s the problem?

Fashion may have changed, but so have I. Or have I? Thirty years ago, I had matching purses and shoes. I still have some anal retention over that. Now they have to ‘go together’ if not match. And, I’m in fashion recovery (somewhat) for a long time now. I still like the occasional ‘designer’ purse or shoes. But, I’m back to wearing those peasanty tops and funky things that attracted me back as a teenager–even a toe ring or ankle bracelet. Am I regressing? A mid-life crisis? Or just getting back to the real me?

I’ll let you know after I finish shopping at Marshall’s and Stein Mart for the upcoming fashion season.

Have your fashion tastes changed dramatically? Is your age showing or hiding?

Tell us about your tastes, style and favorite places to shop.