by Chrysa Smith

My computer has replaced endless volumes of encyclopedias, stacks of legal pads, the phone and even the radio. All my hesitation to spend time on it has been laid to rest. I surrender. I’m an addict.
Admitting it is the first step. The second is sharing some of the kicks I get from it.

So, here are some of my favorite addictive sites:

  • Pandora Radio. Log on, create an account and listen to any music you’d like. If you enter an artist or song, Pandora creates a radio station for you that plays that artist’s music, along with other’s of the same genre. It’s free and you can create multiple stations to suit your multiple moods. I have Alicia Keyes and Mariah Carey; Les Mis and Phantom —oh so well rounded.

  • Hulu TV. /Carmen swears by this site. I’m new to it, but hulu eliminates the need for Tevo or DVR. You can pull up past episodes of tv shows and some interesting flicks as well—-Truly ‘on demand’ service, at no cost to you. You know with 700 satellite channels, there’s still nothing on.

  • Google Earth Rainy weather? Need a vacation? Well, if it’s still months away, log onto this cool Google application and take yourself on a virtual vacation–most anywhere on the globe. Teachers use it for geography lessons, but hey—why not hop to the Pyramids, the French Riviera or the Great Wall of China? Where else could you visit all of these places and make it back in time for lunch?

Got your own habit? What’s your site of choice?