by Chrysa Smith

Wow–it’s been awhile since I whipped out Sly & the Family Stone. Come on—you know you’ve got an old-time summer favorite of your own. Can’t you just hear that carefree summer of 1969?

End of the spring and here she comes back
hi, hi, hi, hi there
those summer days, those summer days
That’s when I had most of my fun back,
high, high,high, high there
those summer days, those summer days

OK. Truth be told. I was nine years old. If I wasn’t carefree then, then when? I mean, the world was full of its own problems. I was too young to care. As adults we always think it’s now the worst of times. Worse than Vietnam? JFK, RFK, MLK and Malcolm X assasinated? Bay of Pigs? Race riots? Why is that? Are we tired? Cynical? Worn out? Well, time to fire it up again and get our youthful summer mojo back. What fires you up (besides a shot of tequila or a mojito) in summertime? I’ll share mine if you share yours:

fun summer tunes belted out to a loud radio: Crystal Blue Persuasion,
Hot Fun in the Summertime, Stone Soul Picnic, Grazing in the Grass, Dock of the Bay,Groovin’
the beach: When I was a girl, I drove, took the bus and did whatever it took
to get me there. It’s always been a place where I can pack my worries away for the day,
and watch the timelessness of the waves. Plug into a good book or IPod, and it’s heaven.
Plus, from SE Pennsylvania, it’s an easy day trip to beautiful Spring Lake or Sea Girt—
Special tip: After beach drinks and music down in Brielle—right at the dock of the bay
bike ride: I’ve always loved to ride. I rode up to my alma mater before I even attended

St. John’s University. I’d bike past my current love’s house. Now, it’s mostly to rid myself
of celllulite, but it also feels so much freer than being in the car.

special tip: Haul your bike and a friend up to the tow path next to the Delaware Canal—route yourself through Lambertville or north through Frenchtown. Bike, eat at one of the cute
bistros along the way and bike back. You’ll feel like you just had an afternoon in Europe.
find water: whether it’s the local park, river, ocean or creek, go take your lunchtime and watch the beauty of nature. There’s nothing as refreshing and recharging. In a pinch, I hit Peace Valley Park, the Delaware River. Whenever I can, you know it’s the Atlantic.

hit the deck: take your morning tea, coffee, breakfast to an outside chair. Rev up your routine with a deep breath while sitting down, sipping and noticing at least one lovely thing about life in your own backyard.
go for a cone: It’s alright. Every once in awhile—once or twice a month, bite the bullet and go for a good old-fashioned sugar cone piled with your favorite flavor—jimmies? double dip?
Treat yourself. Do an extra 15 minutes of exercise tomorrow.

Wish you could do any of these but are stuck at a desk right now? Sorry to hear that. But don’t let that get you down. Just click below and enjoy those summer days, those summer days…..