by Chrysa Smith

Scissors are snipping. Phones are ringing. Dryers are blowing.
It’s a typical day at Robbye’s– –the salon where the poodle posse goes to get cleaned, cut, fluffed and returned to me looking and smelling like properly primped poodles.

I chuckle when I drop the ‘boys’ off, and chuckle when I pick them up. Because in addition to getting the monthly proper cleaning that most humans do daily, these four legged friends can choose from teeth cleaning, highlights, pedicures with polish (well, not on my boys). They can also spend the day with friends (ala doggie day care), where they have run of the back yard–including special seasonal treats like the bubble machine, which keeps the canines entertained during the dog days of summer (oh, bubble. oh, another bubble. wow, look at that bubble) and the ‘doggie bags’ full of treats and toys (squeak, squeak) that the owner makes up for her clients for Christmas.

On any given day, you can pick up some rawhide, fashionable bandanas, leashes and canine couture, while a little Yorkie guards the desk. He likes running the front end. In the back, behind the dog house tip boxes, is the guts of the operation. Standard Poodles, Bichons, Yorkies, mutts and other AKC breeds are getting blown out, snipped or just hanging out like ladies once did weekly at their favorite salon. Only here, a Chihuahua sits on a window sill, in front of the Terrier that’s getting cut, the mutt that’s strolling around and the motley crew that strolls in and out from the back yard. It is the exact atmosphere of the ladies salon of olde—-a place to meet, greet and in this case, sniff.

But one of the most striking things to me, is that as long as I’ve been going to Robbye’s, with all of the furry friends in the house, I’ve heard very little barking. Now, before you assume anything, there are no sedatives, antihistamines or wine bars present. It’s an all-natural salon. And I only assume that the caring groomers, easy atmosphere and understanding of ‘a dog’s life’ makes being there, actually fun.

I do have a nice time at my own salon. My hairdresser is great. The salon is conveniently located. And I also come out looking and smelling better. Now, if they can just come up with some great bandanas and a bubble machine, I might go a bit more often.

For those of you in the Bucks/Montco area, Robbye’s is located on on Norristown Road, near Dresher Road in Horsham, PA.