by Chrysa Smith

Just go with it is my peace mantra when my life seems to be getting all meshuga. But just going with it, when Adam Sandler is involved, is a whole other kind of meshuga–one that makes you laugh your tushie off.
I do love Adam Sandler; probably because I can easily get a case of the sillies, induced by slapstick humor, innuendo and alright—making fun of someone’s obviously unusual flaws (like the guy with the pop-out, glass eyeball, the man who lost his hand to an alligator, a guy with a black, nerveless foot). And let’s face it, while I love a good, solid plot in a movie, I can also be easily seduced to go see something that just cracks me up. Just Go With It is this kind of show.
Adam Sandler plays a prominent plastic surgeon, fixing his own inordinately large schnoz, and those physical abnormalities of others; like the lady with the mid-forehead eyebrow, the man who couldn’t feel his lips after too many Botox injections and the woman with one large and one small breast. In an unusual twist, Jennifer Aniston plays his Plain Jane assistant who gets drawn into a crazy plot to play Sandler’s ex-wife, when his fumbling, bumbling pick-up moves with a young hottie spin out of control. Throw in some kids who know how to get what they want, and a best friend with a German accent who pretends to breed sheep and all traces of reality are gone; especially when trying to give an ailing sheep the Heimlich maneuver.
As the old tales go, Adam realizes after an unfortunate series of events, and some obvious age differences, that what he really needs has been with him all along—namely, Jennifer Aniston.
If you’re in the mood to put your gray matter on hold and just go with the laughter, just go see it. Check it out here: