by Chrysa Smith

I’m not sitting in my basement playing Super Mario. I’m sitting here thinking about my recent meal at Luigi’s; the small, unassuming Italian restaurant in Jamison, PA.

The look on little Luigi’s face is not shocking in a bad way. It’s shocking in the fact that I didn’t know about it sooner. Because not only is it in my backyard, but it is owned by a great guy who we know from years back.

When we were younger parents, we were always on the lookout for a restaurant that could suit the tastes of all—decent food, decent prices and a menu that could satisfy adult and child. We found such a place and frequented it for years—till our desire for variety got the better of us, and our son was able to sit still at other locations.

Our favorite waiter was a fellow from Tunisia. We talked about food and soccer and eventually lost touch—until now.

Luigi’s is owned by this gentleman and we’ve picked up our eating, his serving and our chats about life and soccer once again. But there’s so much more than that. The food is excellent.

Located on York Road in Jamison, the location has undergone more changes than socks. But Luigi’s has had sticking power–and for good reason.

The menu is full and varied, and upon eating there with my mom in tow, each of us had a different dish with the same result: a smile on our face. I had the veal in a brandy sauce. It was both delicious and tender enough to cut with a fork (a crap shoot with veal in many restaurants). Mark and my mother had gnocchi in a pesto sauce. And mom, a very discriminating diner, gave it two thumbs up.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting, like eating in someone’s home. When we showed up one day without wine (because of a time crunch), we were provided with comp glasses from the private kitchen stock. When we arrived on a hectic night with a large rehearsal dinner scheduled to take over half of the front room, a small table was arranged just for us in a cozy nook. The service, needless to say, is top notch.

It’s funny, but I jest back and forth with the owner as to how many stars each meal receives from me—beginning with four. After the Osso Bucco last weekend, we’re now up to six—and counting.

It is a BYOB, so remember to bring your own—at least until you get to know the crew. And bring your appetite, because just as tempting as the entrees, are the desserts.