by Chrysa Smith

Can anyone really beat a Rodgers & Hammerstein or Ira Gershwin show? In the world of musicals, I think not–at least not often. And such was the case this week as I treated myself to see Matthew Broderick sing and dance his way into your heart in Broadway’s big hit (compliments of Ira Gershwin): Nice Work if You Can Get It. And I ‘got it’ in a matter of 25 minutes

‘It’ was the tickets; 30% discounted off the regular price, by standing in line at Broadway’s discount TKTS kiosk. After that, it was all uphill as I sang and tapped my feet to once popular songs; namely the title tune plus Someone to Watch Over Me, Delishious, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off. I just love it when I can sing along.

Of course, the plot is predictable. Boy meets the ‘right’ girl while entangled with the ‘wrong’ girl. Boy is rich and his inheritance relies on boy getting hitched. Problem? The right girl is a bootlegger who’s got herself caught up with a bumbling fool and a clever lead guy who has hatched a scheme to stash his liquor and ultimately bring the true lovebirds together. It’s a comedy of errors that keeps you laughing and thoroughly entertained, even if you can guess the storyline.

If you’re in NYC, see it. And if you can’t see it, get on the TKTS line in Times Square and get yourself some discount tickets to another Broadway show, because there’s nothing quite like live theater to distract you from your own concerns and everyday routine, and transport you to a fun, magical place.The ticket booth is on 47th Street and Broadway, and each show is discounted based upon its popularity and ticket availability (some up to 50%). It’s a great resource if you’re open to seeing one of several possible shows. Sometimes you even get lucky if you hit it at the right time—nice tix if you can get them—and you can get them, if you try.