by Chrysa Smith

Here we are. Staring at pumpkins and wreaths and autumnal candles. And what have I got to show for it? Maybe a few less pounds and a more toned body (compliments of Zumba). But I really thought, truly thought that summer’s heat would dull my appetite as it usually can. That, together with my 800 calorie, three day a week workouts would just melt the pounds away. And I would once again be the slender goddess I had been 15 years ago.
WRONG. OK. Let’s face it. 15 years does make a metabolic difference. It’s surely not as easy to lose those pesky pounds now. It’s taken five months to look more toned, tighten the bra and the waistband. 15 years ago, I could have dropped a good 10 lbs by now. Why, tell me why, does it get harder as we get older? I mean, don’t we have enough to deal with? Gray hairs, chin hairs, wrinkles, menopausal moments, senior moments, dry skin. If I were in charge of the human body, I’d certainly make those of us with a few decades under our belts make our belts fit a little easier as we age. I’d make our metabolism run just a bit quicker, our skin get a little snugger and softer, our memories a bit quicker. Then we’d all have something truly grand to look forward to.
So, with no other options but to undergo the knife (Yikes!) I will continue the Zumba, try to be balanced in my eating and sleep habits–but I refuse, I mean REFUSE to live life on the meager diet of a parrot. While I love salads, I also enjoy a good juicy hamburger. I love summer fruit but can also go for a nice smooth piece of cheesecake from time to time.
Balance is the key, I suppose and I’m going to keep shooting to shrink this belly fat without the aid of drugs, surgical procedures or funky tv products that promise the body of Halle Berry within six weeks. Now, excuse me for a moment as I prep that apple pie crust I blogged about last week. I promise, I’ll only have a very small slice—maybe.
Are you sick of the scale game? What are your biggest gripes about keeping slim?