by Chrysa Smith

Some of my favorite food memories from working in NYC come from West 46th Street; affectionately known to locals and foodies as Restaurant Row. On a few stretches of that street are almost wall-to-wall eateries of every possible persuasion. From Joe Allen’s (theater hangout) and B. Smith’s (stylista/fashionista/restaranteur), to Barbetta’s (oldest Italian restaurant in NYC/Historically elegant) and Becco’s (Lidia Bastianich), it’s a haunt for Food Network celebs and would be celebs. And one of my regular stops was a quaint French bistro that is probably long gone. But memories of their Coq Au Vin are not.

I love such tasty ‘pot meals’ but prefer them prepared by someone else (except on special occasions) since they can be time-consuming. But lo and behold, there’s good news. Because some good, old fashioned American ingenuity has taken the once elegant and delicious French dish, and reduced it to the wintertime favorite: the crock pot.

Now, Julia Child might be appalled, but let me tell you, for a cold night, when you’re not planning on being in the kitchen all day, I gave one such meal a shot—and it was surprisingly good. Of course, meat that is smothered in sauce and melts in your mouth, is ooh la la luscious.

I got my recipe from the Better Homes & Gardens site shown below. It’s simple, it’s tasty and quick—plus they’ve got an entire host of other crock pot dishes to try these winter weeks. It’s only six ingredients, and I even fudged the beef/onion soup thing by using a bit of beef bullion, and smidges of steak sauce and worcestershire sauce (plus some extra frozen pearl onions) for flavor. I made it when my father-in-law was here, and he kept picking from the pot long after the meal was done.

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