by Chrysa Smith

Would you look at that?

Who wouldn’t want to eat there. It’s got it all. A sensational view, great location, combination of formal dining and casual outdoor setting. And you could be there for the price of a ticket to Tanzania.

Yes–not a quick dinner out. It is the Ngorogoro Crater Lodge, situated on the African Plains–volcanic land. The closest I’ve been is watching The Lion King or Madagascar on tv and it seems to me that you might pick your entree while it’s still roaming on the plains below.

But I do have to comment on these lists of ‘great view’ restaurants. Eating well is an art, so it’s natural that fine restaurants go hand-in-hand with beautiful scenery, lovely decor, pampered treatment. They’re almost always in exotic, tropical or waterside locations—on the Nile, the Pacific, the Mediterranean. But for those of us located in more suburban or land-locked locations, just where do you go for a table and a view?

Think on it. Then drop a line with the restaurant name and location—and we’ll give them a shout out from Granny Panties. But for now, here are some of my most memorable. Maybe some of them are yours as well.

I could keep thinking, but now it’s your turn. Please add to the list.