Getting Over Tech Addiction

by Chrysa Smith Whenever I'm in the car with my husband--on a long road trip-- I bring along magazines, knitting, my headphones and IPod. It's not that I don't want to talk with him. Rather, it's that he's quite unavailable. He's not intently focused on the road, though that would be good. Instead, he's incessantly talking on his cell phone. I used to take it personally. After all, this was enclosed, couple time [...]

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Mother Knows Best

by Chrysa SmithYou did what? You don't like to listen! You always have to be different. Told you so!I think I've heard all of those statements from my mother at one time or another. It just seems to be a mother's mantra. And I think I used at least two of them myself in the mothering game.But what is so irksome, is that still, some 52 years later, I'm still hearing them---even though [...]

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Alms for the Luckless!

by Chrysa SmithI can't stand it anymore!I'm talking about nepotism--the art of knowing the right people. To demonstrate just how prevalent it is, right now, as I'm editing this, the news came across Yahoo:  Katherine Webb, the Miss Alabama girlfriend of the Crimson Tide's quarterback who received so much attention for Brent Mussburger oohing and aahing over her during a recent game, now has scored a new gig. She's covering the SuperBowl for [...]

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by Chrysa SmithIf you're reading this blog, chances are you are near, at or past the official age of retirement. Obviously, I am. But yet the mere mention of retirement sends me into a panic attack. Me? Retire?First of all, as a writer, I might say 'from what?' I work from home, don't dirty my hands, ride buses and trains or have a real boss.  Writing comes as naturally as breathing---I don't have [...]

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Just Say It!

by Chrysa SmithTolerance.It sounds good. Makes us feel good--like decent, caring people, even. But tell me, what happens when tolerance crosses the line? When we're put on the spot, because the actions of others cross the boundaries of being caring, decent people?Well, if you're over 80---or maybe over 40, you just say it!Case in point: I was at yet another 'fair.' For some reason, although I keep telling myself that I'll never do [...]

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The Coffee Klatch Culture

by Chrysa SmithI swear that one day, scientists will say that drinking coffee makes you lose brain capacity. Now, if you're a coffee drinker, don't be offended. What I'm really referring to are those brain dead folks, who sit at Starbucks for hours, regardless of how many available seats there are for others.Case in point was today---several days after the biggest East Coast weather event in recorded history. Now I am fully aware [...]

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More–and More Again

by Chrysa SmithOK. I admit I can be occasionally grabbed by the old green eyed monster. So tell me, really: Why is it that, contrary to what Jack Kennedy said, the current trend is 'to whom much is given, even more will be given?' It just doesn't seem fair--and I'm not saying that in regard to myself. I'm saying that in regard to our fame-crazy society.Now before you accuse me of being a [...]

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