by Chrysa Smith

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you are near, at or past the official age of retirement. Obviously, I am. But yet the mere mention of retirement sends me into a panic attack. Me? Retire?

First of all, as a writer, I might say ‘from what?’ I work from home, don’t dirty my hands, ride buses and trains or have a real boss.  Writing comes as naturally as breathing—I don’t have to think much about it to spout my stream of consciousness onto a piece of paper or this computer. And quite frankly, I can’t imagine not doing it.

Is it because I love the act of writing? If you love what you do, do you feel as I do? Or do most people tire of a long-worn routine, regardless of what it might be?

This topic began at the grocery store, where I wait each week in the cafe for my 89 year old mother to finish her grocery shopping. I pick up a couple of different magazines, and this particular one had a story on retirement. It’s no revelation that I’m mid-age, but it just whacked me like a jolt out of the blue—OMG, I’m of THAT age. Slowing down, stepping out, holding back are some of the least appealing things on my list. I’m finally at a point in life where my reputation as a regional children’s writer has finally come into its own. I enjoy my weekly rants on NRFGP. What on God’s green earth would I do if I didn’t do what it is I do?

Can’t answer that. And maybe that’s a bit scary too. All of my alternate career choices: interior designer, chef seem much too much to contemplate now.  And I already have lots of free time on my hands—why on earth would I want even more?

So, I’m curious. Are you planning on retirement/or have you already? What are you retiring from? What are you planning to do? How will you keep engaged? How has it changed your life? Are you glad you’re doing it/have done it?

Active minds want to know!