by Chrysa Smith

I know. Cake mixes have been around for decades; nothing new, you say. Well, I’ve recently stocked up on a bunch. Not because I’m a sugar junkie (although I might be). But because I regularly make an appointment with The Cake Mix Doctor.

If you choose to make your own appointment, I must say, you will see healthy cakes in a whole new way.
For instance, take a yellow cake mix and turn it into an orange birthday cake or a pumpkin, a streusel, a Red Velvet Cake. You get the idea. Take a stock item, add some magic and you get a dessert that doesn’t have that box cake taste. In fact, your guests will think you’ve made it all from scratch. Plus, don’t ignore the economics of it all. On sale, you can find brand name mixes on sale from $.88. Try to find a layer cake for even five times that.
My other sweet stock up? Instant pudding. In a pinch, when I need a hit of chocolate and a dessert to serve, I mix up some chocolate pudding and layer it into a dessert glass with some chopped up grahams. Of course, it’s all topped with a bit of whipped cream (real cream in a can works just fine). If you visit the Cake Mix Doctor recipes, you’ll also find vanilla pudding (and perhaps chocolate) is a staple in the various cake concoctions. And again, you can buy several boxes of pudding mix for under a dollar: a sweet price for some sweet treats.