by Chrysa Smith
Handsome guy, isn’t he? Sure is, and talented too.
For those of you who don’t know the face, it’s famous Miami Dolphins Quarterback, Dan Marino. He’s graced the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine, holding most NFL records for passing. He is a member of the NFL Hall of Fame. And, he was born in 1961.
Now, get this. This guy (alright, the photo may be a little younger than the current image) is the new spokesperson for AARP. Are you kidding me? This guy is a full year younger than me. Tell me please. How on earth did this exactly happen?
For the past year, I have been getting membership solicitations from AARP. Are you kidding me? Why, my son is 21 and I don’t feel that much removed from those women pushing strollers in the mall. We’ve always heard parents and grandparents say, ‘Where did all the time go?’ And now, I can’t believe, won’t believe, that I’m actually asking the very same question.
Longfellow said ‘Art is Long, Time is Fleeting.’ So true. As a writer, I surely know that the art of writing (and it’s rewards) are often elusively long. So long in fact, that time is very fleeting. Weeks and months roll by and sometimes I’m not sure what I’ve done, but my daily hygiene, cooking and cleaning routines–oh, and writing my blog posts.
But I firmly believe, as a quite stubborn Taurus, that ‘old’ should always be at least 10 years older than me. And that, as a baby-boomer, we continue to push to redefine the term. I don’t feel like someone who’s ready to live in an active, adult community. I don’t believe I dress like one. And, while the AARP card does have it’s discount benefits, I’m still too vain to even think about it.
So throw me a bone. Let’s make ‘old’ a term for those who are too wrinkled to fully open their eyes, too fragile to roll the wheel chair, too uninterested to enjoy a good meal and glass of wine. 
Now excuse me while I shower, whiten my teeth, gel my jazzy new haircut, pick out a trendy spring top and squeeze into my capri jeans. Me, trying to look too young? Never.
Has time left you wondering where it all went? What are your secrets for staying young?