by Chrysa Smith

Whoa! I know it’s high in cholesterol, maybe loaded with some sort of cow hormones and maybe fat, but sometimes, you just need a good steak.

Over the years, my favorite cuts have been Eye Round for a roast and Top Round for a London Broil. Of course, for just a slab of beef, I like my Filet and then, Ribeye is pretty tasty too. But except for my recent restaurant experiences, my home meals made with red meat have been utter disappointments. But it wasn’t always so.

In years past, I could look at a Top Round, check for some light graining, which is supposed to make the beef more tender, pick one up and make it with just a bit of salt or some seasoning, and voila! Perfection. Not now.

Most recently, my meals, even with my tried-and-true selection process have been ‘udder disasters.’ With the higher prices lately, what gives? Is the meat coming from inferior cows? Are the cows grazing on something different?

My husband, in his infinite wisdom, claims that the Beef Industry is trying to pull a fast one: selling lower grade meet for higher grade. I, not wanting to believe the worst in humankind, make an unbelieving face. But you know what? I’m beginning to think he’s right.

All over the place we find examples of companies try to pull the wool over consumer’s eyes. There are the scaled down box sizes for the same price. Sugar and salt are ‘upped’ for the sake of labeling food ‘Low Fat’, and even Dr. Oz spoke about the bait-and-switch between Lemon Sole (a higher quality of fish) with the lower grade Fluke.

Where will it all end? I guess with growing our own food, raising our own animals. It might even be why I chose the vegetarian menu at Wegman’s yesterday. If the beef biz doesn’t improve, I might even be forced to eat a healthy diet.