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Not Ready for Granny Panties
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The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words–Print and Ebook Now Available! (FOR NEW NRFGP POSTS, SCROLL DOWN!)


By: Mary Fran Bontempo

It’s here! The next book in the Not Ready for Granny Panties series, titled The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words, is now available in print and ebook versions. Check out the out this fabulous video below by NRFGP own amazing illustrator, Pat Achilles! (Am I using too many exclamation points?!!! I’m really excited!!!!!!) The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words, along with Not Ready for Granny Panties–The 11 Commandments for Avoiding Granny Panties, is available on Amazon and Barnes and Order yours today!

The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words

We women talk—a lot. Yet, the words that take others to their happy place often make us miserable. Words like “vacation,” “dinner,” and “holidays” can leave us breathing into a paper bag with our head between our knees. It doesn’t have to be that way. Join Mary Fran Bontempo and redefine the “dirty words” that make women cringe. You’ll laugh, learn, make some changes and trim your “dirty words” list down to size!

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A True Thanksgiving Story

St.-Jude1By: Chrysa Smith

I was doing my usual Monday morning rounds–picking up the leftover remnants from the evening before (chip bags, empty bottles, shoes left on the floor, etc.). The TODAY Show was playing in the background. And as it goes this time of year, more charities than normal stand up and ask for help. And so it was this morning.

But I was stopped in my tracks when Marlo Thomas spoke about the founding of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital by her father, entertainer Danny Thomas. The story rang so true of what Thanksgiving really is all about, I wanted to share. It is copied and pasted from a source much more knowledgeable than me—-so here it is.

Maybe you won’t build a hospital, but here’s to hoping that you build some sort of bridges with those you meet throughout your life. Happy Thanksgiving.


More than 50 years ago a man named Danny Thomas longed to be in show business. However, he was not having much success in making his dream a reality. One day, in a church in Detroit, he knelt in front of a statue of St. Jude and prayed
for guidance. St. Jude, one of the Twelve Apostles, has often been seen
as the patron saint of lost or hopeless causes. Danny Thomas wondered
if his dreams were hopeless. He asked St. Jude to give him a sign as to
whether or not he was on the right path with his career.

In the book I Like Being Catholic, Marlo Thomas, daughter of Danny Thomas, says that her father then put $7 in the church basket. As he gave the money away, he said, “I have to have 10 times this.” The next day Danny Thomas was offered a job as a singing toothbrush in a commercial for $75. He took this as a sign that he was indeed on the right path with his career.

Danny Thomas went on to become one of the most successful early television stars. His show Make Room for Daddy was one of the most popular early TV comedies and ran for 11 years from 1953-1964.

In gratitude for the guidance that Danny believed St. Jude had given him,
the entertainer pledged to build a shrine to the saint. Once the idea
of a children’s research hospital began to take shape, Danny Thomas
combined his growing show business career with continuous efforts to
raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Once he drove to 28
cities in just 32 days to raise money for the new children’s hospital.

Because of Danny Thomas’s great faith, his trust in God and his willingness to
show his gratitude with his generosity, today St. Jude Children’s
Hospital has treated children from all 50 states and from over 70
foreign countries. Families are never asked to pay more than insurance
covers and families without insurance are never asked to pay.



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Classic Dance Mash-Up to Uptown Funk–Amazing Video!

One of my absolutely favorite songs is Uptown Funk, with Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. It’s impossible not to dance to. Turns out, that’s true for some classic performers as well! Check out this video matching dance moves from classic films to the modern hit. Such fun! Happy Monday!

–Mary Fran


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Father Explains Paris Tragedy to Son

This touching video shows a father explaining the Paris tragedy to his son, giving the child and all those who had the privilege of seeing this some hope for the future. Beautiful. Please share!

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A Really Good Show

ed_sullivan_1953By: Chrysa Smith

There are the close-lookers; the close talkers. There are the casual gawkers and the serious bargain shoppers. There are the circlers and the hawks. and then there are those with the crazy eyes.

Welcome to the world of craft fairs. and there are no shortages of them at this time of year. It doesn’t seem to matter if the goods are high-brow or low-class. The shoppers all seem to fall into categories represented in the faces of the Muppets, the Simpsons and South Park.

I was a vendor at such an even this weekend, with my children’s books. Two long days. But in between the sales, as long a two days as it might have been, I engaged in one of my favorite hobbies– people-watching. Not very aerobic, but my eyeballs sure got a workout, as well as my imagination.

What makes people make a purchase? Necessity for sure. But there were no necessities at a craft fair. So what about impulse purchases? What’s the internal trigger that gets pulled?  (A few hours more and I might have pulled my own).

There are the completely honest folks: Sorry, don’t have kids the age appropriate for what you’re selling. OK, great.Then there are those who want to think more—those who will ‘come back’ and those who are just looking—well, touching really. Opening books and flipping through them, bending covers, all after sucking back a hot dog and a Coke.

Sorry, I know these are all potential customers (and children of God). And as quirky as they might have been, it’s the same reason why bell-bottom jeans and Chia Pets and Pet Rocks and Furbies made millions—-what’s a treasure is in the eye of the beholder. So, as I continue to struggle to find the perfect formula for the perfect audience, I think I’ll just stay an anonymous online shopper myself—letting those retailers keep their opinions about me where they belong —to themselves!




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89 Year Old Comedian Makes Stage Debut

Proving once again that age is truly only a number, 89 year old Chuck Esterly made his comedy debut last month in a Cincinnati club. Clearly, Chuck is not wearing mental Granny Panties! Enjoy this video and embrace the NRFGP commandment “Thou Shalt Scare Thyself.” Surely, this wasn’t easy for Chuck, but he embraced the fear and had fun! Way to go, Chuck!

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Bridge of Spies: A Review

th (1)By: Chrysa Smith

If you like intrigue, espionage and plain old, good acting, check out Bridge of Spies.

In it, Tom Hanks plays the brilliant, good-hearted lawyer who, thanks to the government, becomes entangled in an international incident. When captured (alleged) Russian spy needs due process, Hanks is hired for the task. Defending a probable Russian spy doesn’t make for many friends, but in the US, everyone has their proverbial day in court. When violence erupts, Hanks realizes he and his family might be in some danger.

But the plot thickens when a US military man is captured while doing maneuvers in Russia. Now, each super power has the other’s man. Hanks is once again requested to negotiate a trade. Not cluing his wife in on his endeavors, Hanks spends time with Russian and German diplomats, trying to speed up a release. After much ado, both spies meet on a designated bridge, where the exchange takes place.

Hanks wins some American pride when he gets a bonus US prisoner released as well.

The tale is based on true events that transpired during the Cold War. And I must say, I’m amiss on my history because the movie clearly shows the Berlin Wall being erected at this time and not during WWII, when I thought it was. Hard to see life being split down the middle, leaving the have’s and the have not’s selected and divided up by some external force. As much as our country is as involved in illicit international events (just like every other), it still makes me glad I was born where I was. Yes, God Bless America indeed!


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Today’s “Dirty Word”–Dinner

After 30 years of cooking, “dinner” can become a dirty word for a woman….Happy hump day!