It’s been a dream of mine for quite some time. A TEDx–the big leagues of speaking. Land a TED, or TEDx speaking gig and WOW!

Because it’s a big deal, it’s not easy. I’ve been writing, and re-writing my speech, working with people and programs to clarify my ideas, researching open TEDx platforms to see if my talk is a fit, applying, getting passed over, refining, trying again, praying, giving up hope, giving myself a figurative smack on the head to stop feeling sorry for myself, and trying again.

And guess what? IT’S HAPPENING!!!

Not only is it happening, it’s happening twice! Tomorrow, 2/23/18, I’ll be speaking at TEDx Loyola in Baltimore, on their theme, “Duality of Mankind.” Then, on March 7, Lehigh University presents their TEDx event, with the theme of “Limitless.”

Oh. My. God. Two. How in the world am I going to create two talks worthy of TEDx presentation? I actually thought about passing on one of the events, and some of my dearest and most trusted friends said, “WHAT??? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR ‘BLEEPING’ MIND????!!!! NO ONE PASSES UP A TEDx!!! NO ONE!!! FIGURE IT OUT!!!!”

So, I figured it out. I’ve written two presentations, and both of them are really good, if I do say so myself. I’m gonna do this, and I’m gonna do it as well as I can. Am I nervous? Yep. But as my kids have said, “You asked for this.”

I did. Not only did I ask for it, I begged for it, cried over it and promised God I’d be a really, really good girl if I could just get this one thing. In other words, I lost my mind. But my higher power must think I’m up to the challenge because now I have two. Either that or He was so sick of listening to me, that He sent me two just to shut me up, which is way more likely.

Either way, it’s really cool. It’s a challenge, a big one, but I’m up for it. If I’ve learned anything over the last ten or so years, it’s that you have to be ready to go with whatever opportunity comes your way, even if you’re not really sure what you’re doing when you start. You’ll figure it out. I am. And I’m going to make it happen.