by Chrysa Smith

‘Old enough to know better. Young enough to try again.’

Linda was taking the plunge again. At 75+ years of age, my 80+ year old father-in-law had proposed after a lengthy (and I mean very lengthy) courtship.

Now mind you, such an event can raise all sorts of questions. Isn’t once enough? Why now, after so long? Why now, at this age? But as the wedding day approached, I can honestly tell you that it was lovely to be part of a celebration usually reserved for couples more than half their age.

The day before the wedding, I was invited to go shopping with the bride and some family members. Of course, I found (and usually do) some interesting treasures to take home. But among the most fitting purchases of the day was a wooden sign whose message began this story.

It was a good chuckle, and also some good old-fashioned wisdom. Are we ever really old enough to know better? Maybe. But when it comes to friendships and partnerships, the intellectual quotient is replaced by the emotional one. And nothing can account for something that tugs at the heart. At least I think so.

It takes guts to do it again. And even more, to do it again at an advanced age–when most people are jaded enough to discourage marriage at all; even for the young.

When the universe presents a ‘good fit’, or as Dr. Phil says, “a soft place to fall,” we’re never too old to try—and maybe even try again.