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Chrysa Smith is a ‘double decade’ freelance writer, who admits to having turned a love for writing into loving what she writes about—namely home, food, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and most recently—mini-poodles, in her juvenile fiction series: The Adventures of the Poodle Posse.

Hello Doris! A Movie Review.

Sweet Sally Field. I can never get let go of her roll in 'The Flying Nun' which I watched (hmm) religiously as a kid. But here she is, post Forest Gump, The Amazing Spider Man and some less significant tv roles. And she brings all the things we love together---romance, youth, quirkiness and her sweet ways in her role as 'Doris'---the odd older woman who works in a Manhattan ad agency in the [...]

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On Friendship

by: Chrysa Smith When I do writing workshops with elementary school students, my assignment to them is to write about their best friend. I've gotten some sad responses, like 'I don't have a best friend' or 'my dog is my best friend' to the joyous ones: 'What if I have more than one?' And it all got me to thinking about friendship. What better time in the year to celebrate our friends? Old [...]

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A True Thanksgiving Story

By: Chrysa Smith I was doing my usual Monday morning rounds--picking up the leftover remnants from the evening before (chip bags, empty bottles, shoes left on the floor, etc.). The TODAY Show was playing in the background. And as it goes this time of year, more charities than normal stand up and ask for help. And so it was this morning. But I was stopped in my tracks when Marlo Thomas spoke about [...]

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A Really Good Show

By: Chrysa Smith There are the close-lookers; the close talkers. There are the casual gawkers and the serious bargain shoppers. There are the circlers and the hawks. and then there are those with the crazy eyes. Welcome to the world of craft fairs. and there are no shortages of them at this time of year. It doesn't seem to matter if the goods are high-brow or low-class. The shoppers all seem to fall [...]

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Bridge of Spies: A Review

By: Chrysa Smith If you like intrigue, espionage and plain old, good acting, check out Bridge of Spies. In it, Tom Hanks plays the brilliant, good-hearted lawyer who, thanks to the government, becomes entangled in an international incident. When captured (alleged) Russian spy needs due process, Hanks is hired for the task. Defending a probable Russian spy doesn't make for many friends, but in the US, everyone has their proverbial day in court. [...]

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A Little Costanza

By: Chrysa Smith I'll admit it. I can be a bit neurotic. Not certifiable, but a tad bit. Enough to feel a bit like George Costanza---the neurotic, insecure friend of Jerry Seinfeld---on the show named for the same. I'll assume you've seen it, since most folks have. In fact, I have not only seen hundreds of reruns, but also saw Fish in the Dark---the play about and with Larry David, producer of the [...]

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Outside the Party

By: Chrysa Smith I’ve done it. I’ve watched both the Republican and Democratic debates. I watch both network and Fox News---even BBC America. So I feel like I’m fairly well informed, straddling both sides of the political spin. It’s been weeks and months since the madness all began. And still, I’m saying---who is best for the country? Who is best for my family? I think, when it comes right down to it, your [...]

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