A True Thanksgiving Story

By: Chrysa Smith I was doing my usual Monday morning rounds--picking up the leftover remnants from the evening before (chip bags, empty bottles, shoes left on the floor, etc.). The TODAY Show was playing in the background. And as it goes this time of year, more charities than normal stand up and ask for help. And so it was this morning. But I was stopped in my tracks when Marlo Thomas spoke about [...]

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A Really Good Show

By: Chrysa Smith There are the close-lookers; the close talkers. There are the casual gawkers and the serious bargain shoppers. There are the circlers and the hawks. and then there are those with the crazy eyes. Welcome to the world of craft fairs. and there are no shortages of them at this time of year. It doesn't seem to matter if the goods are high-brow or low-class. The shoppers all seem to fall [...]

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A Little Costanza

By: Chrysa Smith I'll admit it. I can be a bit neurotic. Not certifiable, but a tad bit. Enough to feel a bit like George Costanza---the neurotic, insecure friend of Jerry Seinfeld---on the show named for the same. I'll assume you've seen it, since most folks have. In fact, I have not only seen hundreds of reruns, but also saw Fish in the Dark---the play about and with Larry David, producer of the [...]

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Outside the Party

By: Chrysa Smith I’ve done it. I’ve watched both the Republican and Democratic debates. I watch both network and Fox News---even BBC America. So I feel like I’m fairly well informed, straddling both sides of the political spin. It’s been weeks and months since the madness all began. And still, I’m saying---who is best for the country? Who is best for my family? I think, when it comes right down to it, your [...]

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Better Than New–“The Intern”

by: Chrysa Smith Just when you're feeling out-of-touch with newfangled technologies like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and the like, I recommend a good dose of the new Hollywood release: The Intern. Starring Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway, I came away from it with a great take on an older person's worth within a younger person's world. As a retired widow, DeNiro is looking for meaning in his life. Work is gone. His spouse is [...]

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Shore to Shore

By: Chrysa Smith A couple of weeks ago, within the span of a week, I had very divergent experiences. For my husband's birthday/Father's Day, I booked a trip to Ocean City, NJ for two days of sunshine and shore time. We stayed at a very nice B&B which was centrally located in the town. The Atlantis is a nice alternate to those 1950's outdated motels, renting 'seedy' houses for the week or opting [...]

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I love jewelry. Well, I love trendy jewelry. That's not to say I wouldn't trade in my .5 carat diamond for something more roomy, but it's not on top of the list. Rather, I enjoy mixing and matching necklaces, earrings and especially bracelets. And this brings me to my grand revelation. Ready? It's all in the charms. Like a fortune teller with her leaves, one only need to look at a charm bracelet to [...]

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