A Little Costanza

By: Chrysa Smith I'll admit it. I can be a bit neurotic. Not certifiable, but a tad bit. Enough to feel a bit like George Costanza---the neurotic, insecure friend of Jerry Seinfeld---on the show named for the same. I'll assume you've seen it, since most folks have. In fact, I have not only seen hundreds of reruns, but also saw Fish in the Dark---the play about and with Larry David, producer of the [...]

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A Summer Sweet Treat

By: Chrysa Smith My friend Cleta is a woman of discriminating taste---in home fashion, couture, culinary undertakings and of course---friends. So, it took me by a bit of surprise that she recommended a trip up to the outer limits of Ottsville, PA. Ottsville? Yes, Ottsville. Now if you know Ottsville, sorry to say, there ain't much there. Some nurseries, pretty scenery, the entrance to the state park. But I do know that the [...]

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The Green Mother

By: Chrysa Smith I'm not sure I have that magic touch. Give me an adult plant and I can sustain it with sun and water. But those babies? I've never been great with infants. So here I am once more. Spring is theoretically here, and I started my darling seedlings back in early March. And maybe---just maybe---there's a little magic going on here, because the seedlings not only sprang up, all but one [...]

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Cute & Quirky

By: Chrysa Smith I'm hardly a loner, but I do like my time alone. And I sure love my summer beach time, but I also like it about now. Weird? Not really. Because there's a silent beauty, awe of nature and the divine when you walk along the shore when nobody is there. Plus the sun is just a lot warmer these days. Dare I say I get more spirituality there than I do [...]

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Seafood & Memories

By: Chrysa Smith I love seafood. You name it---I can pretty much enjoy it. Crab, shrimp, scallops, flounder, sole, trout. Well, maybe not mussels or oysters. But hey, I don't like to be slimed. Go to any ordinary restaurant and you can expect much of the same---one shrimp dish, maybe crab cakes or tilapia (cheap fish). You're getting lucky if you find flounder or tuna---and well, you really hit the mark when there's a [...]

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Better Than I Thought

By: Chrysa Smith You may or may not be a foodie. Although I suspect, you do love your late night quality chocolate, don't you? Well, while I like to consider myself one, I've never really known what the true definition was---formally. You know I like to cook, love to eat and am fascinated when walking around a cooking store. I've interviewed top chefs, try lots of new restaurants and watch the food shows. [...]

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Don’t Believe It!

By: Chrysa Smith I always love watching food segments on television. I watch Ina Garten's show (aka The Barefoot Contessa), Chopped and even Guy Fieri's Grocery Challenge. So it's not unusual that I took particular interest in the Today Show's food segment about 2015 trends. Now the presenter, who was in good physical shape, framed the segment by telling viewers it was all about healthy food as the norm. Sounds good. Sounds about [...]

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