th (1)By: Chrysa Smith

If you like intrigue, espionage and plain old, good acting, check out Bridge of Spies.

In it, Tom Hanks plays the brilliant, good-hearted lawyer who, thanks to the government, becomes entangled in an international incident. When captured (alleged) Russian spy needs due process, Hanks is hired for the task. Defending a probable Russian spy doesn’t make for many friends, but in the US, everyone has their proverbial day in court. When violence erupts, Hanks realizes he and his family might be in some danger.

But the plot thickens when a US military man is captured while doing maneuvers in Russia. Now, each super power has the other’s man. Hanks is once again requested to negotiate a trade. Not cluing his wife in on his endeavors, Hanks spends time with Russian and German diplomats, trying to speed up a release. After much ado, both spies meet on a designated bridge, where the exchange takes place.

Hanks wins some American pride when he gets a bonus US prisoner released as well.

The tale is based on true events that transpired during the Cold War. And I must say, I’m amiss on my history because the movie clearly shows the Berlin Wall being erected at this time and not during WWII, when I thought it was. Hard to see life being split down the middle, leaving the have’s and the have not’s selected and divided up by some external force. As much as our country is as involved in illicit international events (just like every other), it still makes me glad I was born where I was. Yes, God Bless America indeed!