by Chrysa Smith

I’m a sucker for good looks.
Regardless of what you say, looks do matter.
They matter in a mate, they matter in everything you select, be it a car, furniture, clothing and your food. So it’s no surprise that I’ve been drawn to Target’s private label selection of food: namely Archer Farms: Tasty Food, Tasty Price. It’s got that clean ‘Martha Stewart’ type of elegant design. And if you haven’t been already, I suggest you get in your car and head right over to Target—because it’s well worth the trip for looks, selection and taste.
Now, what I’ve not been a sucker for is buying my groceries at a ‘box’ or ‘super’ store: you know, those huge megastores that sell everything from mattresses and electronics to milk and steak. I’ve always believed them to be less in quality and freshness; less in taste. But when it comes to Archer’s packaged foods, I’m completely turned around. The taste and variety are not only good, but many of their products are organic, low in fat and come in cool and unique containers that keep them from getting sorrily soggy.
I first tried one of their great nut mixes. They’ve got a great variety of combos including cajun, berry/nut combos, carmel/nut combos, chocolate, banana and other tasty flavors. They come in a nice plastic container that’s easy to close and keep the nuts fresh and long. I love their salsas. They’ve got traditional, one with peach and mango and one with pineapple. The fruit really adds a nice, sweet kick to the tomato base; great for parties. Their snack bars include dark chocolate with cherry and pistachio. The combos of good for you things like granola or oatmeal are mixed with fun flavors we all like.
This fall, I plan on trying their hot chocolate. That’s my latest sweet fix. For some reason, I can have one mug of hot chocolate, with a little whipped cream on top, and feel completely sweet satisfied. That doesn’t happen with just a little piece of chocolate cake or one chocolate chip cookie. If theirs is as good as everything else, watch out. I’ll be the skinnier gal in the drink aisle.