by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

Today, Mary Fran will be reviewing Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, so I’ll use my post to thank all the NRFGP followers that last year read the beginning of my work in progress, Garlic for Breakfast, and encouraged me to finish it.
One year later, under the new title of Becquer Eternal, a finalized version of my story has been accepted for publication by Astraea Press. It should be on sale by summer, first as an e-book and later, if the sales are good enough, as a printed copy.
In case you don’t remember my story or are new to the site, here is the pitch that hooked my publisher and prompted her to read and eventually make an offer on my manuscript.
Pitch for Becquer Eternal:
Meet Becquer.
He’s handsome, well-read, and can get you that book contract you always dreamed.
Never mind that he’s also an immortal and lives on human blood.
What would that matter?
Your relationship is strictly business.
Or so you thought.
Until Becquer’s life is threatened, and you discover that walking away is not an option.
Because he was hurt while protecting your son.
Because you are the only one who can save him now.
Because you love him.
Welcome to Becquer’s world.
Please come inside. He’s waiting for you.

 If you want to read the beginning of the story, please go to:
Again thank you again for your encouraging comments. I’ll keep you informed.
And if you can’t wait for the summer to read one of my stories, you can download my fantasy TWO MOON PRINCESS, right now, to your Nook ( or Kindle ( for just $1.79. Which is less than you’ll pay for a beer. And it last much longer.