by Chrysa Smith
We’ve been disgusted by Wall Street greed, the banking system’s nickel and diming of credit clients, rising insurance premiums, healthcare hassles, gas prices, high taxes and now, once again—-the high flying companies we have grown to hate—the airlines.
While all safety regulations are not their fault– we do tend to blame them for standing in ungodly lines and needing pedicures before traveling. We’ve heard about fees associated with checked bags. But according to a report on the news today, Spirit Air has gone one tackier. They’re attempting to collect $45/bag for any bag you carry onto the plane and place in the overhead compartment. If you can fit it under your seat, it still flies free.
So pack small, save money and leave the overheads to them—they might want to sell that valuable space as ‘sleeping compartments’ for those customers who would like to travel in a fully-reclined position. Spirit? Really? More like Chutzpah if you ask me.
Feeling spirited about something? Need to spout off? Come on—let us have it.