by Chrysa Smith

How many times do you hear about healthcare during the course of a day? 20? 30? More? Well, hold onto your hats, because I have the best healthcare plan yet—one that few male politicians in DC might support— but some DC interns, savvy women, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi should.

I got to thinking about it while sitting in the spa, waiting for my massage. Now, I was raised on the tough it out, don’t pamper yourself, buy only what you need and don’t be frivolous plan. Guess what? It doesn’t work for me in 21st Century America. Life runs a hell of a lot faster. I’ve got a husband who is on a plane, out of town, out of touch more often in three months than my dad was in a lifetime. I’ve got a business, a home, an aging parent, a teenage son off at college and some dogs that are bad to the bone. Need I say more? I’m pulled at, divided, split, scattered—you know, the average gig for today’s women. And as I’ve always suspected, more and more evidence points to our crazy lifestyles as the culprit behind many an ailment.

So, as I learn more about life, myself, health and wellness, I know one thing. Taking care of yourself before you get ill is real healthcare—the rest is just patching. There are only so many years you can keep pounding the pavement until you hit that gravel path that forces you through a detour. So, put down that blood pressure, cholesterol medicine and diet aid (for a moment. I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one online) and look at living life in the slower lane.

The Chrysa Smith quick and easy health care plan (only 1/2 page long) would include:

  • Monthly option for a relaxation treatment: massage, facial, nail service or some other pampering treatment
  • Time coupons to redeem at a ‘sitting service’: to use toward a good book, a long walk, a nap, appreciating nature, with dogs, taking time with parents/grandparents
  • Tax benefits to organic food companies: Lowering their costs could mean lower prices on natural, organic (when possible) well balanced, good-tasting food
  • Open distribution for vintners and wine distributors: So, for those of us in state controlled systems, the ability to be like the very sexy and healthy French and Italian women who can run down to the corner store for a nice selection of wine —to be enjoyed with each and every dinner
  • National Girls Trip Month: Travel deals for time away with the girls; be it a day, weekend or longer

Shall we try to get this through Congress? It might be awhile, but we could start off small–slowly–with the help of friends and family members. You never know where a grassroots effort could wind up—-someday, even on the great lawn in DC, where we’ll all sit with manicured hands and feet, on padded lounge chairs, sipping a tall, cold one—happier, healthier and more centered than ever. (hmm–the ‘center’ doesn’t fly in DC too often, does it?)

What centers you and keeps your health in balance? Share it here, before you get distracted.