by Chrysa Smith

Blue Moose–
You knew just what I was there for.
You heard me saying a prayer for-
A bistro that I could care for… wah wah wah
Located on Mechanic Street in New Hope, PA, Cafe Blue Moose is a unique restaurant. For one, it was founded several years ago by two high school students looking for something fun to do. After some formal culinary training and an internship in France, the young Skylar Bird (along with founder Pat Rogers, with the help of family and friends) have created one of the best small bistros I’ve found. Next, it keeps it’s ‘youthful’ theme alive by employing all youth–in the kitchen and the waitstaff, and the fun school-oriented theme that begins with the colorful blackboard, and continues with the colorful table art, clip-board menus and origami flowers on each table.
Mark and I ventured there after a recommendation from fellow blogger, Pat Achilles. Pat not only created their adorable restaurant logo, but her son had worked with the inventive group before college. She said the food was ‘to die for’ as well as the price. I concur.
Upon being seated, we were brought a pitcher of water and a few servings of popcorn. I loved the pitcher. I drink a lot (non-alcoholic; although I do like my occasional glass of wine), and it’s cumbersome to constantly flag down waiters for more water. I saved my appetite for the appetizer, entree and dessert—since the menu is a price-fixe $23, three course offering. Yes, that’s right. $23.
It all began with some steaming, soft, scrumptious bread fresh out of the oven. And continued with a salad: mixed greens with candied cashews and feta with an olive-oil based dressing. It was followed by a beef , slow-cooked, tender ‘short rib’ type dish, cooked with carrots, onion, parsley and other accompaniments that was absolutely delicious on a slightly cool evening. There was no room for dessert—but it had to be done. So it was packaged and taken home. After some digestion, Mark and I split the chocolate-cherry brownie. All I could say was Uuummm—perfection with cocoa and fruit. Tonight, we get to split the second dessert–a chocolate layer cake that looks equally divine.
Highly recommended, it is small—30 seats, so call ahead for reservations. And if you’re seated downstairs, you’ll be amused by the kitchen banter. It’s light. It’s fun. It’s so youthful.
Cafe Blue Moose is located at 9 W. Mechanic Street, just 1/2 block from the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, PA. More info at: