by Chrysa Smith
There they are. A motley group for sure–especially the guy with his signature orange clogs: Mario Batali. He’s not only a celebrity chef in his own right, but is the maitre d’ of ABC’s newest talk show appropriately named The Chew.

Unlike the Food Network or Martha Stewart shows, the atmosphere on The Chew is interactive and engaging. For one, the audience sits behind the Chew crew. I don’t know how the audience feels about it, but for tv viewing, it makes you feel as though you’ve just entered someone’s kitchen where there’s a festive party going on. Like a news desk, but only more fun in the kitchen, the rotating group of chefs and entertainment and nutrition folks talk about everything from healthy eating to adding ingredients like heavy cream or butter to a recipe. But even more than that, it’s fun. The group has a great chemistry with each other and with their lineup of guests.
Just this week, the chefs cooked with Jimmy Fallon and Marly Matlin. While cooking, you are hearing ingredients and quantities, but you’re also hearing banter—the kind that goes on in your own kitchen and around your own table while you prepare a meal. In short, it’s real. It’s fun. And while you can surely pick up some recipes and tips you might like to try, it is some of the most entertaining food shows I’ve yet seen. Plus, as a daytime show, it surpasses the soaps, game shows and reruns that dot the lineups—making it possible for you to be entertained, educated and pick up a recipe you might even try for dinner that night.
Dr. Oz’s daughter, Daphne, is the nutrition expert (go figure), and there’s an entertainment guy plus other drop in chefs and guests. Check it out on your local ABC affiliate or log onto their official website: And if you visit the NYC area, check out their ‘ticket’ link—where you can grab some tix to see them chew in person.