By: Chrysa Smith

CB030317Ah–color. It’s return is long welcome after this record-breaking winter. And it’s signs are in the air.
Today is officially the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s marked by the March Equinox and is associated with renewal, rebirth, reawakening and other types of re-charging the battery after it’s long slow death through the cold of wintertime.

Even though it’s long in coming, when you’re in tune with your surroundings, you know it’s just about here. For weeks now, the birds have been playing a harmonious tune in the early morning. Robins have been bopping across the lawn and I almost hit a groundhog today. Even they’re tired of the long winter’s nap. So take refuge. It’s amazing how we roll with the changing seasons. During winter’s short days, I curl up early in the evening, candles lit around the house, nesting as if with child. But already, I’m putting away the winter decor and bringing out the lighter, airier furnishings, ready to take on the warmer, sunnier days. So for spring, I’m hoping to accomplish a few things. Perhaps you may share in some of the rituals:

  • Cleaning—long associated with the season. I’m not a big fan, but there’s something so therapeutic about order. I’ve cleaned out two of my kitchen cabinets and I feel lighter already
  • Purging—clothing. Time to change the closets again. Before stashing those winter clothes I didn’t wear all winter, I’m pledging to donate them to those who might benefit for them next year. And while toting all the spring clothes out, I need to rid myself of those 80’s styles (yes, from my NYC working days). Someday I’ll realize that while they’re solidly good clothes, I may not fit into or wear them anytime soon
  • Taking Account—Where do those New Year’s resolutions stand? I can say that they’ve slipped. They’re not altogether gone, but they’re riding the fence. Time for a tune-up
  • Planning—Bringing color into the landscape is something I enjoy planning for. Pansies are already appearing as garden centers open their doors once again. What colors will speak to me this year? What types of container plants will I buy? Will I take on the added joy (oh yah!) of adding bedding plants this year?
  • Changing—menus. Lighter fare, wine and fresh fruits and veggies are beginning to appear. I change my menus around, including more seafood and light pastas and salads. Not only healthier, but great for the calorie count as well. It’s just easier to eat lighter when it warms up—and that’s good on all counts
  • Sprucing—the home decor. I put away the dark, knit blankets and pull out lighter weight and lighter colored ones. I change out my pillow covers on the family room furniture in lieu of springier colors and textures. I will dig out the seashells and replace the winter candles and potpourri. It helps the soul as well as the appearance
  • Checking—the relationships. I’ve hibernated and missed out on time spent with some friends. I’ll take account and reach out again, making plans for lunches and dinners that are so much more enjoyable in good weather

Overwhelming? Maybe. But it’s only day 1 of spring. There’s a whole season ready for the new and revived to bloom. Hopefully, I’ll be ready before the summer solstice.