by Chrysa Smith

It’s so easy to hate a super model. There. I said it. I mean, come on, perfect hair and skin. A tall, lanky body. Half of humankind wanting you. The other half wishing they had your good fortune for just a wee while.

‘She’s going down,’ is what so many of us subconsciouly wait to hear. Let’s be honest. A few extra pounds, a few wrinkles, a few years; those are all we ask for. We’re not asking for anything catastrophic. No unfortunate series of events like farm or boating accidents, poisonous lip gloss or fried hair. Just a little slip, a little faux pas–a slight fall from grace. And following this weekend’s Super Bowl, we got it baby!

When Gisele Bunchen publicly announced that her husband, Tom Brady’s team mates couldn’t catch the ball, she attracted widespread criticism. Well, she didn’t exactly say they couldn’t catch the ball. She said they couldn’t f………catch the ball. That potty mouth. Didn’t she learn any manners? Didn’t she learn to watch what she says in a public forum?

Well she got what was coming to her: Gisele caught more than a football. She caught criticism. And criticism is just the anecdote to perfection.

Now, less you think I’m a creep or a jealous wench, take heart. I’m half kidding here. Well, only half. Let’s face it. How many of us have had a faux-pas in public? You remember talking about that person, only to have them appear behind you? And remember those faux friends who reported every word you muttered about someone to their face? Yah, it’s all coming back now, isn’t it? We’ve all been ugly at times. It’s just so much more fun to see ‘ugly’ on the face of a Super Model, before we get all ugly talking about her.

Lovely Gisele not only caught grief about her comments, but for her previous comments about ‘praying for her husband’ and his team prior to the Super Bowl. (Personally, I put him on the prayer list at my church). Then she was criticized for drinking wine up in the Super Box instead of the traditional mans drink: beer. (I too like my alcohol red, so I can’t criticize her there either. There’s something I have in common with her. That and maybe my eye color.)

As one radio personality said: Gisele has it all; except a manly husband who can beat the NY Giants! How mean. How ugly. How fun.