by Chrysa Smith

We’ve seen our share of eateries that offer one menu item: ice cream, pizza, cupcakes, burgers, hotdogs. Well, welcome to the latest, hottest quick food joint: The Meatball Shop.
Yes, meatballs are it. And they’re served up in some most surprising ways.
Try some good old US beef. But how about serving it up with prosciutto, herbs and ricotta?
Or some chicken balls made from fresh thigh meat, white wine, herbs and fennel? The offerings are not only wide, but unique for a one product concept. And so are the sauces: from classic tomato to mushroom gravy and pesto sauce.
Interestingly enough, owners Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow come to their new sensation from rather classic chef backgrounds. Holzman’s resume includes time spent and the CIA followed by stints in French restaurants and other fine eateries in Vegas and California. Chernow’s background is with more basic food and drink. Together, they seem to have the perfect pairing for one tasty experience.
Located in NYC (where else?), The Meatball Shop has two locations:170 Bedford Street and 84 Stanton Street. Meals start at $7 for a serving of four balls with your choice of sauce and a slice of focaccia. Where can you find good eats at that price in The Big Apple?
Check them out online at: