by Chrysa Smith

Stop and think for a minute.

What do you pay for in your life that was once free?
What do you pay for that should be free?

This is my latest blog and life gripe.

I can tell all of my friends and acquaintances about the great content on this blog site.And I thank you all for subscribing. Because according to the latest SPAM laws, I cannot necessarily send the same email notices to someone I don’t know.

Why not? Because people complain about how much ‘stuff’ clogs up their email inboxes, a clever consortium of folks have created another business opportunity to sell you what, in my mind, should really be free—-access to people who might like to see what I have to show them.

Here’s my understanding of how it all works.

If I buy an email list of ‘pre-approved’ sendees, no problem.If anyone complains, I’m covered.

But, if I just send an email telling some nice middle-aged ladies about ‘granny panties’—because I found their email address and thought they might like it—watch out. If anyone complains, I can be a classified as a spammer—and subject to legal ramifications.

I guess it’s an attempt to limit all of those annoying ads—like the ‘no call’ list for telemarketers. There’s no cost to get on the ‘no call’ list. But there is a cost to be able to send a message to somebody you don’t know. Why is that? I can pick up a phone book and call someone I don’t know. I can even ask them if they’ve got Prince Albert in a can—and not be subject to a fine. I can get a phone book, a directory and send a letter to somebody and there’s no problem with that. I’m still legal. People can always hang up a phone or rip up their mail. So, why can’t email players just ‘unsubscribe’ if they don’t like the mail they’re getting?

Come on people. We’re constantly being forced to pay for stuff that should be free.

Here’s my prediction for what’s coming next:

  • Parking meters at bike racks.
  • Metered, municipal trash cans—-the lid won’t open to collect your refuse, until you deposit a coin or token
  • Annual tax bill for personal carbon footprint. Oh wait! I think that’s what this ‘cap & trade’ is all about
  • Entry fees at all public parks. If you have a bike with you, there’s an additional charge for having ‘two vehicles’

Maybe you agree. Maybe you don’t. Drop me a line and let me know. I promise, even if I don’t know you, I won’t report you as a ‘spammer.’