by Chrysa Smith

Estee Lauder is famous for saying that what they sell is ‘hope in a jar.’ True, true. But now, hope does spring eternal as MAC Cosmetics is selling hope beyond the chronological, with the introduction of their newest model. Not an anorexic with martyr eyes and sunken bones, but a 90 year old woman with chutzpah. Iris Apfel, with her enormous black-framed glasses has taken MAC to another level—showing that beauty can be ageless.
Yay! Finally, midlife may not be the curse of death in the beauty world. Midlife may just be the ticket to new-found beauty-ful life that has only just begun.
It may have all begun with Dove’s ad campaign that featured plus size models. It was 2004 and their Campaign for Real Beauty redefined it all for women around the world. How shocking it was to see women beyond size 4 and 20 years of age, elevated to model status. Those Dove execs deserve credit for taking a risk that larger women would sell and sell big (no pun intended).
It was all based on some research funded by Dove which indicated that only 2% of women loved their bodies. Surprise? Not really to us women. We can always find something with cellulite, a jiggle, a bump, hair, odd shape to consume us. All we need do is look at our cosmetic drawer–and the billions of dollars spent on beauty products.
I don’t know how we rid ourselves of our passions to look like a supermodel, or at least, the fit and pretty girl next door. But until we find the answer, thank goodness for the chemists, the marketers and the changing face of beauty that can give us some solace, no matter what our dress size, hair color or body type.
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