by Chrysa Smith

Let’s face it. There have been many years when I didn’t feel this way. I felt frantic, frazzled, fiery. But not this year (yet). I have a sense of calm and jolly in my soul—so take heed. Don’t pout, don’t cry. Why? I’ll tell you why. Good things are always in store right around the corner.
This holiday season, I’ve hung up the perfection and need to do ‘just one more thing’—finally. Am I bragging? No. I’m just saying that for the first time in years, I’ve done what I’ve intended to do for the first time in years—enjoy the sights and sounds of the season. And it began with taking in a local high school production of Aladdin—-so well done with flying carpet and all. Then I went to see The King and I (again), but it was such a light romp, it put me in a great holiday mood; especially traveling to and from on the train—like the Polar Express, only without snow. It was topped off by a trip to NYC to see the store windows and the new Lady Gaga shop at Barney’s (Can you believe it?). While walking down the street, we were handed a discount coupon for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular—for $40 orchestra seats (Can you believe it?). Those tix usually go for over $100. Being the skeptics, we checked it out without any expectations—and voila. We scored two orchestra tix, sat together and glowed the entire day as to our great bargain (Can you believe it?)
It really was spectacular. Santa took us on a wonderful 3D ride through the streets of Manhattan, stopping in front of Radio City and appearing in the aisle of the theater. The Rockettes did their magic tap-dancing and kicking and it was all topped off with a live nativity with camels and sheep. Does it get any better? Can you say ‘show of shows’?
So, the message? Believe. What better time of the year to begin? Christmas magic begins with lightening up on yourself, taking time to enjoy, having realistic expectations but expecting that some higher power is care-taking—-leaving you to enjoy the most wonderful times of the year–throughout the year.
Merry, Merry Christmas.
If you plan on visiting NYC, the Christmas Show runs through the first week in January–and is highly recommended. If you’re lucky, take a walk up Fifth Avenue right across from Saks and see if someone isn’t handing out your lucky coupon.