by Chrysa Smith

I’m back.

Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve dined out–well for more than a slice of pizza, Panera or Moe’s. And I’ve missed it. So let me share with you a little slice of good taste in the city of a quirky river town: Lily’s on the Canal in Lambertville, NJ.

If you live near the Doylestown area, you might know of Lily already. She’s got a few locations, and well, in my opinion, this one is tops. Located on the main street in Lambertville, tucked behind a row of shops sits Lily’s. The canal sits to one side, a nice green courtyard out front.

I met an old friend here this summer. It’s a great place for ladies to catch up–not only because it’s mighty quaint, but has just the menu to suit both the hungry and the weight-watching.

Walk in and walk right into the bar. It takes up much of the first floor, but this is no pub. Tables surround it, rise above it and decorate the courtyard out back. The atmosphere is Europe, New York or Philly backyard chic. Sit back with a glass of wine and a great salad—which takes up a good chunk of the menu. Too often, it’s hard to find more than a Caesar or Mixed Greens. Not so here. Summer fruit salads, Goat cheese and fruit, seafood and even a burger on some greens. And appetizers? Gone be the shrimp cocktails and calamari. Grilled, marinated, chopped, peppered meats, veggies—you name it and they’ve got it. And as for entrees? Sirloins and Ahi Tuna to Penne pasta and quesadillas. Everything is fresh. Everything I’ve sampled is quite good. And quite reasonable. Catch an entree for $15 or under. A perfect lunch or dinner for a perfect outing in a near perfect town.

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