by Chrysa Smith

Cute title? I can’t take credit for this one. I’m not playing with words, because this fast food, one product eatery melts down and serves up grilled cheese—and lots of it.
A new take on the great American favorite, the menu still manages to be varied. Your basic Sharp Cheddar melt, Mozzarella with plum tomatoes and balsamic glaze, Artisan cured ham with apple mustard and rosemary butter, Monterey Jack with Avocado, Shredded chicken and crushed Tortilla butter. Um, yum. It’s comfort food at its best—and darn tasty, I must admit.
Forget the points and calorie counters, because this is definitely not a dieter’s dream. But it is one neat idea for something other than the burger joints and pizzerias. Actually found by pure accident, Mark and I were headed for the Jewish Deli, when a full parking lot re-routed our plans. We drove behind the strip center, and voila! There was Melt Down. We just had to give it a try.
In a few weeks, I’ll take my visiting father-in-law (our annual Montana Christmas guest) there for a treat. Not only are the sandwiches good and hearty, but the atmosphere is fun. Have a seat at one of the school room desks, choose a traditional table, or if traveling with little ones (which is great for both adult and kid), have a seat in the back where your own private tv runs entertaining kid movies. As one of the only seats left, I sat down and thought my calcium deficient diet was taking a toll on me—till I found out that I was sitting lower—made just for the kiddies.
Melt Down is located off Rt. 309, near the 202 intersection, just behind Pumpernick’s Jewish Deli in North Wales. For more information, log onto