reviewed by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban
Directed by the creator of the Oscar-winning SIDEWAYS, The Descendants starts when Matt King, a “back-up” father (his words) must slow down his career to take care of his two daughters (17 and 11) while his wife is in the hospital in a comma caused by a boat accident. Soon we learn, his wife, spurned by Matt’s long absences and indifference, was having an affair. Matt and his older daughter decide to search for this man they never met dragging along the younger girl and the oldest girl’s boyfriend, and, of course, the viewer.
The Descendants has many things going for it. George Clooney, for one, beautiful views of two of the islands of Hawaii, a strong story that does not shy away from reality and avoids the sugarcoating so prevalent in Hollywood movies, and great acting from all the actors including the aforementioned Mr. Clooney.
Yet, I cannot say I loved it.
Why? Because it is a realistic take on fatherhood and marriage and, after watching the trailer, I expected something lighter.
This is not the movie’s fault. The Descendants is a serious movie and that’s perfectly all right. I like serious movies. But not when I am expecting something else.
So, now that you know, please go and enjoy. It’s worth seeing. Just don’t go for the laughs. The laughs you can have just now by clicking the trailer below.