by Chrysa Smith

When was the last time you were greeted by a motherly woman, seated in a room full of nostalgia and served a full, all-inclusive meal that didn’t cost you the price of a butter-soft handbag?
Grandma’s house? Well it’s close. It’s Mr. Joe’s Cafe on South 8th Street in Philly. Step inside and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into grandma’s kitchen, because the atmosphere is warm, the food is quite good and Mr. Joe is like the caring uncle that checked in on you as a kid.
It’s a storefront location; so seating is tight. And the menu is short—one page. But the selection is enough to get you a great Italian dish, in addition to some tasty specials. Have a seat and you’ll be offered a complimentary glass of red wine. It follows with an olive oil-balsamic dressing, your main course and is finished off with your choice of pastry treats that Mr. Joe carries across the street from his original biz—Termini’s Bakery.
Mr. Joe is dapper. He’s always dressed in his chef’s coat and a smile. He likes to make sure his guests are enjoying themselves, so he’ll often stop at the tables and have a chat. And he looks like a proud grandpa—treating his guests and his desserts with TLC—as they deserve.
After dinner, a stop at Termini’s Bakery is a must.