by Chrysa Smith

We’re all mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore! All of the political ads, news shows and special reports take up valuable tv viewing time with what seems like a never-ending circular discussion of the same issues day after day. UGH!
Is all of this banter going to change the course of one thing? No.
Do all of these slanted views do anything to promote unity? No. So I say CUT IT OUT ALREADY. I WANT YOU to focus on the positive.
Are you jaded enough to say ‘Well, what’s positive these days?’ If so, you’re old. And you need a little NRFGP infusion of fun. So I say, turn off the tv and get out the IPOD and your dancing shoes. And if haven’t already got yours loaded with some fun songs, I WANT YOU to hop onto the computer and go shopping. Yay!
I head to the ITunes store and hit some tunes that always charge me up after a particularly strong bout of political or sad news, personal tragedy, lack of gastronomic willpower, string of rainy days, frustrations with poodles—or at any other time I need to be transported back to the fun. I find that even for a half hour each day, listening to the right music can make those bad play lists go away, and the good ones turned all the way up. Here are some of my favorites:
On the Floor: Jennifer Lopez
Sun is Up: Inna
Let’s Go Dancing: Kool & the Gang
Alright: Pitbull
Evacuate the Dance Floor: Cascade
You Make Me Feel: Cobra Starship
Good Life: Leslie Mills
Do You Remember: Jay Sean
Too Little, Too Late: Jo Jo
Tik Tok: Kesha
Lay It On Me: Kelly Rowland
Marry You: Bruno Mars
Family Affair: Mary J Blige
Party in the USA: Miley Cyrus
Moves Like Jagger: Maroon Five
Light Up the World-Glee Cast
I Know You Want Me: Pit Bull
Push It: Glee Cast
Somebody Stop Me: Raven
Another Night: Real McCoy
We Found Love: Rihanna
Fire Burning: Sean Kingston
LOCA: Shakira
U Remind Me: Usher
You get the idea. Check them out on YouTube: