by Chrysa Smith

There she was. Sitting with her back to me at the bar, dressed in jeans, a tee shirt and a bridal veil. She was with a group of friends, which made me jokingly remember the movie Bridesmaids, a flick that made me laugh so hard—well, you know. So, as I sipped my wine, I was brought back to my own ‘engaged’ days, when I too was planning for the wedding day. And this got me to thinking—thinking about tradition.

What happened? Who moved it? Who made it a relic? I may sound so old, but I got the feeling that this gal I saw at the bar was part of a shrinking trend of traditional brides. I look around at the 30s generation and below, and it seems that marriage is but a distant or non-existent concept. Who needs a piece of paper they say? They do.

I just don’t get the newer trend of long-term cohabitation without a ring, a date, or a plan. Practically speaking, while intentions and promises to stay together are nice future visions, reality doesn’t always match. Things change, people struggle, life takes different twists and turns and things fall apart. So what happens to shared possessions? Even more importantly, what happens to shared children? Now for sure, those with a certificate struggle with custody and property issues themselves–with one exception. They have some shred of legal documentation that’s protective in some way. And that, to this control freak, is comforting.

But in addition to the ‘protective’ nature of traditional weddings, what a shame to miss one of the most special days of a gal’s life! The gown, the party, the symbolic ‘kick off’ to a new chapter in life—a special chapter. To this romantic, it’s a must do part of marriage. And besides, it’s great fun.

So now, when I get a wedding invitation in the mail, I’ll smile and add one more check to my team—and gladly toast ‘Here Comes the Bride.’