The Prince is in the House

by Chrysa Smith DO AC. It's the PR campaign that has been intended to bring players, daytrippers and the idly curious back to Atlantic City. And it's been especially important since Hurricane Sandy ripped apart the boardwalk and beat up the dunes. But perhaps there will be no better time to DO AC than when a certain handsome, single prince is in the house--that Brit named Harry. Now at first glance, the eyebrows [...]

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Just Girls?

by Chrysa SmithI was watching the inauguration---lots of interesting pomp and circumstance. And in one image of the 'First Family', it struck me: what's the deal with the girls?Sasha and Malia have now been White House residents for four years. And they've lived the life that goes along with it: Secret service. Closely guarded activities. Uncommon behavior for average girls their age. It all made me wonder.Did the girls like their inauguration outfits? [...]

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A ‘General’ Rule of Thumb

by Chrysa SmithLove your wife. Stay faithful. Avoid temptation. That's good advice for any married man, I'd say.  I wouldn't want to be the wifely recipient of such 'good' news; ie, 'Your husband is having an affair, and by the way, it's a breach of national security and perhaps a crime!' Excuse me? Get me the sherry and possibly the Bible. Because I'd be splattered on the floor, and dialing my neighborhood shrink.Yet, [...]

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