by Chrysa Smith

DO AC. It’s the PR campaign that has been intended to bring players, daytrippers and the idly curious back to Atlantic City. And it’s been especially important since Hurricane Sandy ripped apart the boardwalk and beat up the dunes. But perhaps there will be no better time to DO AC than when a certain handsome, single prince is in the house–that Brit named Harry.

Now at first glance, the eyebrows go up and the jokes flow like casino liquor when you put the royal party boy together with casino nightlife. But, like a good host, the Governor has offered to keep tabs on the ol’ boy during his May visit–you know, make sure his clothes stay on and the cameras stay away. We’ll see. But host or no host, I can’t help but chuckle. I mean the only thing royal about New Jersey might be the palms adorning the casino lobbies. Hyde Park, it ain’t. So I can only imagine what it would look like to see the chap dressed in his military garb, riding the boards for some authentic kettle corn; hanging out at the Trop’s beach bar with the homies from AC or best yet—driven in one of those push-style rickshaws that want to caddy you around; maybe take him past the half-dressed sax player or mime hanging out on Missouri Avenue.

But if there would be a royal up for the job of AC ambassador, Harry is the perfect choice. Lunch with Snooki? A copter ride with The Donald? He’d be right at home. I don’t know if I can see him bringing polo to the AC beachfront, but I can see a new royal game piece for the classic AC board game, Monopoly. A prince holding a royal flush. That’s gotta be good luck.

Headed to AC anytime soon?  Royal or commoner, there’s always something to do there. Get yourself in the mood with the little trip back in time to AC’s hey day (before there was YouTube):  Take a spring bike ride on the boards until 10am each morning. Watch the water show on the half-hour on the pier, stop in at the spa at Caesar’s or Blue Mercury at the Trop for a fresh, new face for spring. And then save on lunch at one of the many buffets. At night, try Caesar’s Atlantic Grill with a smashing view of the ocean and of course, check the local calendar for concerts, plays and other special events.