Beauty & the Beach

By: Chrysa Smith Where's a good beach house when you need one? It's  a question I ask whenever I try to stay or rent at the shore. Because short of shelling out $5000 a week, the accommodations tend to be tired, lackluster, even seedy. And I have a firm motto when it comes to vacation lodging: it's gotta be at least as nice as my house or why am I paying to go [...]

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A Dam Beautiful Location

by Chrysa SmithFor the better part of 20 years, I’ve made the cross-continental passage from Philadelphia to Billings, Montana. That's the childhood home of my husband and a world so different than mine---a NYC girl.I can still remember flying in for the first time. As the pilot announced our descent into Billings, I was sure he was wrong, as I looked out the window and saw virtually nothing for miles. Well, nothing but [...]

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